Planning Ahead

When planning a destination wedding, transporting your wedding gown from one location to another can be a challenge, especially if it’s overseas. Even if your dress arrives safely, you may still need to deal with wrinkles and ensuring you have all the necessary accessories. Luckily, we can share some helpful tips for traveling with your wedding gown to put your mind at ease.

To begin, consider your mode of transportation and research carry-on policies if traveling by plane. You should also determine if your dress can be steamed or pressed upon arrival and purchase a high-quality travel bag if needed.

Traveling by Plane

When flying with your wedding gown, it is best not to check it in as luggage. Instead, inquire about hanging space on the plane, pack it in carry-on luggage, or buy an extra seat. If traveling by car, keep the gown flat in the backseat or trunk and avoid traveling with it bustled or in direct sunlight.  We don’t recommend shipping your dress due to the risk of loss or damage.

Tips for Arrival

Upon arrival, carefully inspect your dress and hang it by the hanger straps rather than the dress straps to avoid damage. We’ll ensure your dress is taken care of – along with all the other details – upon arrival!

Transporting a wedding gown can be  challenging, as it is not only an expensive garment but also holds sentimental valu.. Losing or damaging it during the journey can be devastating. By following these tips, you can ensure that your wedding gown arrives at your destination safely and in excellent condition for your special day.

photos by Doug Treiber